Here’s a look at my Kitchen!

We remodeled it a couple years ago and opened it up. We also painted the cabinets the cream color with a brown glaze. They use to be the oak that everyone has in their Kitchen. It seemed like it took forever when we painted them this color with all the priming and coats we had to put on.

I just recently painted the bottom cabinets black and it didn’t take me near as long. It was another one of those day’s I got a wild hair and wanted to paint some stuff black.  I don’t remember the colors I used for either one of them, other than the black is from Home Depot and it wasn’t super spendy. 

I also painted some doors in my house that I will show you in another post… 

Hope you enjoy it as much as we have..

XO, Nancy




Here are some pictures of a couple walls I painted in my house. 

Every so often I tend to get a wild hair and feel like I need to paint everything in my house. These walls fell victim to that wild hair!

 The walls were already a gold color and I just got the lighter shade with a sheen and painted the stripe. It really didn’t take me very long at all. 

I love how they turned out!! 

The paint color is from Benjamin Moore, Bryant Gold and Dorset Gold. 

XO, Nancy