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Rodan and Fields

You know once you get to a certain age you really start to take a look at your life and wish you did things when you were younger that would help you when you get older. Taking care of my face would definitely be one of those… I’ve never really been one to wear a lot of make up, so I never really washed my face with anything other than soap and water. What I know now, I sure wish I knew back then!!! 

I’ve always had really good skin, rarely got acne, never had wrinkles… Until now, and I’m kinda freakin out!! I don’t like getting old, especially when you can start to see it in my face with the wrinkles. I tried a lot of different skin care products that I was hoping would help with the wrinkles on my face. Nothing really worked, until I started using Rodan and Fields. I can’t say enough about the product and what it’s done for my face. I started using it a couple months ago and was surprised at what a difference it made in the appearance of my skin. I’m using the Redefine Regimen that’s used for anti aging. They have so many more products for all kinds of skins…. Acne, Sensitive Skine and Blemishes.

Just to give you a little history of Rodan and Fields… They’re the 4th leading skin care product behind Clinique, Estee Lauder and Lancome. They use to sell their products in Nordstrom and were they’re leading skin care line. They decided to pull out of Nordstrom and be part of the world of direct selling.

This is why I decided to become a consultant for them… they have a great product that I can actually stand behind,  I’ve seen the results from using the products.

If you’re interested in trying the product you can email me at or vist my website listed below the pictures.

You have nothing to lose with an amazing return policy, 60 days money back guarantee. 

XOXO, Nancy 

Fave Beauty Products

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Hair Products

Nioxin – Shampoo 

I have pretty fine thin hair! The joke is, I only have 3 hairs, so I need to do everything I can to make them look like 6…

I love the Nioxin shampoo and conditioner for fine hair. I go back and forth between the one for fine hair and the one for treated hair. I’ve always been pretty picky about my shampoo and have always used Nioxin or Bumble and Bumble. I’ve tried buying less expensive shampoo’s and I don’t really like the way my hair looks after I’ve used them. 

Big Sexy Hair – HairsprayPowder PlayDry Shampoo

I’ve used this hairspray forever!! I like it because I feel it really holds my hair, I need something with a lot of grip and this one works for me. 

The powder play is great for giving volume at your roots. It’s almost like puttin baby powder in your hair every day.  I haven’t found a lot of products that I feel add a lot of volume to my hair but this one does wonders for my hair!  

I’m on the fence about the dry shampoo! This is the first one I’ve tried and I’m not sure I love it. I hate washing my hair every day and have used the baby powder trick. I was looking for something that wouldn’t make my hair look greasy after about 2 days of not washing it. My hair definitely curls better the dirtier it is, I just can’t go too long without washing it. 

The Keratin Plus I just recently purchased at Fred Meyer. I was following another blogger and she used it and liked it, so I wanted to try it. I think I like it but have only used it a couple times. I’m not sure if it makes my hair more limp?? The verdict is still out, so I’ll have to keep you posted on this product. 

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Essie Nail Polish – Kohl’s

I was always an OPI kinda gal until I discovered Essie! I love Essie nail polish!!! It drys so fast and the color lasts for longer than a day. I’ve recently just discovered the top coat to make the color last even longer. I haven’t tried the top coat that is similiar to having gel nails, but I heard that one was good too. 

My favorite colors of Essie are: Smokin Hot, Merino Cool, Sand Tropez,  A List and of course the Good to Go Top Coat. 

If you haven’t tried Essie, I would strongly suggest it.. You’ll never go back to other brands, I promise!

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Rodan and Fields

As I am getting older I’ve finally figured out that I can’t go without washing my face any longer. I know, kinda gross but I’ve always had pretty good skin and have never worn face make up. As a kid, I never washed my face with anything other than bar soap. If I only knew what I know now, I woulda started using something other than soap a long time ago. 

  I had a friend who started using Rodan and Fields and loved it.  I decided I would try it after trying  other beauty products that I felt weren’t doing a thing for my face. It took me a minute to decide if I liked it!

I had noticed some unwanted wrinkles under my eye and was looking for a miracle drug to take them away without having to have surgery or fillers.  I was starting to notice my wrinkles getting lighter and lighter. I’m hoping one day they’ll be gone for good. But in the meantime I’m gonna keep using Rodan and Fields!

If you haven’t found anything you like for you face check out Rodan and Fields!  I think you’ll love it!

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Nu-Me –Curling Wand

Ok, can we talk about this magical wand?? AMAZING!

 We’ve established I have thin hair, I need all the products you can imagine to help make my hair look thicker.  

This Curling Wand does the trick! I started using a curling iron to get more body to my hair. I would take the curling iron and just wrap my hair around it, pretty much the same thing this wand does. 

 I’ve never purchased a wand before because all the ones I’ve seen have been over $100 and thought, no thanks I ‘ll just keep using my curling iron.

It was Christmas in July!! This wand was on sale for only $20, the normal price is $139. I was thinking no way, this can’t be real.. So I looked up the return policy just to be safe and it was legit.. I am the proud owner of a Curling Wand, at the low price of $31 with shipping. 

I just got it a last week and it’s done wonders for my hair. If you don’t have one, I strongly suggest you purchase one. 

Well, that’s the skinny on all my beauty products, hope you enjoyed them!

XO, Nancy