LV Addiction

If you know me, you know that I love a good designer handbag. If I could I would have a whole closet full of designer handbags but unfortunately the pocket book will not allow that. I’ve come to realize there’s a couple different places to purchase these designer handbags at a discounted price. Of course they are all authentic with a little wear and tear but you can find some in almost new condition.. You just have to be patient and really look at the details..


This one I currently own and love… I purchased it a couple years ago from the Louis Vuitton store in Bellevue. When I purchased it, it was $800 and my husband and I had paid off all our bills and that was my present to myself. Now you can’t find them on the LV website for less than $1260, but it does come with the pochette.. Here’s the link on the LV site… LV Neverfull.. It does seem that LV raises their prices quite often, so if you’re ever thinking about purchasing a brand new one from the LV site I probably wouldn’t wait too long.

I also own this Zippy Wallet, which I purchased on Ebay.. I’ve purchased a few bags from Ebay but you have to be really careful and look at the details. So far I’ve had good luck with purchasing a few bags from there. This wallet retails for $805 on the LV website LV Zippy Wallet, but back when I purchased this wallet I think it was only $700.. I was able to get it on ebay for $450 and it was in really good condition. Which is still a pretty penny for a wallet, but they will last forever.

This is another one I purchased from Ebay, which I use all the time when I go out. The only thing with this one is as far as I know you can’t purchase it separately unless you go to a discounted retailer or Ebay. It is normally part of a set with the Neverfull. I would love to have the Neverfull that goes with this but that I will talk about that a little later in this post.

This is the last one I owned, and of course purchased it on Ebay and for a smokin deal… I was looking for something I could wear as a crossbody.. Unfortunately, I ended up selling this to a friend. Although I kinda regret it now, at the time it just wasn’t big enough for me to put all my junk in…

Now here’s a few that are on my wishlist, I will put them in order of which one I want the most….

This is the LV Damier Ebene Delightful PM, retail on it is $1250…. But I’ve found it for as low as $920 on this same website. I was just a little too late to pull the plug on it, I was being cheap and waiting for it to be marked down even more and it sold in the mean time.  What I like about this website is that they mark down their bags every 15/30 days. They take them down as far as 30%, but most of the popular ones won’t last that long.. They currently have this bag listed at $1225 which is only $25 under retail. If I’m going to spend that on this bag, I’m going to buy it new, that’s why I always try to wait until they get marked down.. The other good thing about this website is that they do layaway.. So you put 25% down and have 60 days to pay it off. To me this doesn’t make it seem like it’s such a shot to the pocket book..

I know call me crazy but that’s how I rationalize it to myself..

This is the LV Damier Neverfull GM, which I know I already own one like it.. But this one is bigger and for some reason I like the bigger bags and the easy access to them. With the other one I own, I feel like I could still use a bigger one… This one would be good for traveling, it seems like I have to carry everyone’s stuff in my bags and I hate having to search through a small bag… Reatil on this bag brand new is $1360, but again it comes with the pochette. I’m not sure if LV sells them any longer without the pochette.

I like this one  LV Damier Bloomsbury because of the crossbody and it looks like it would hold more than the last cross body I had.. This one is currently on sale, so it’s tempting.. I will keep my eye on it to see if it makes it any lower.. Retail on this guy is $1270 and it’s currently on sale for $945, although I’ve seen them for less on this website… I will still continue to watch it…

Twice Monogram Empreinte Leather in WOMEN's HANDBAGS collections by Louis Vuitton

I love love love this one…. Twice Monogram Empreinte.. These ones are hard to find on the discounted sites, retail for it is $1440.. I’m not really at a point where I want to spend that much  for just a little crossbody… I will continue to watch this site Fashionphile to see if they ever get one.. I’ve seen them on there before but of course they do not last to the first mark down… And normally they’re not discounted that much, they don’t really have to discount them, they sell fast…

Soho Leather Disco Bag, Black

Lastly, I’m loving this Gucci Soho Disco Bag.. I know it’s not an LV, but I think I can see myself rocking  it as if it were an LV…It’s so dang cute and would be perfect to use when I go out with the girls… It’s not as pricey as the LV Twice Empreinte and I could use it just the same…

Hummmm…. decisions, decisions, decisions…

Well these are the bags I’ve had my eye on for a little while… Not sure when the next one will end up in my closet… But  hopefully one of them will sooner than later…

Thanks for reading,


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