Nordstrom Anniversary Favs

I definitely need to up my game when it comes to shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I had early access and I blew it on a couple of items I wanted to purchase. I waited way to long and now they’re all sold out.  There’s still a week left, so I will continue to check back.. 

So here’s what I’ve purchased, so far.. Some of it I might keep and some of it might end up going back.. You know that “buyers remorse”  feeling you get when you think you’ve spent too much.. But then I think I’ll have the reverse affect, and think I didn’t buy enough.. The prices are amazing and seem to be better than last year. I keep telling myself that,  it makes me feel better about all my purchases.

It remains to be seen what stays and what goes… 

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Boys Adidas  for my little guy.. He loves Adidas because his older brother loves Adidas, not to mention he doesn’t have to tie them makes them even better. I also purchased a pair of these for myself in a Boys size 7 but I’m not sure I like them for myself, so I think these babies might be going back… I wish I would’ve gotten the Womens Adidas, but they’re sold out of my size. 

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Love these AG Jeansthese I think are a keeper.. I did buy another pair of jeans that I haven’t received yet that were a quarter of the price. I will have to decide which ones I like better.. I’ve always been a huge AG fan, but as I’ve gotten older I don’t really like paying the prices… I’ll keep you posted on what I decide to do, knowing me I’ll be keeping them both.. 

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Zella Jacket, this is definitely a keeper… I try to work out pretty regularly, so I’m always in need of some good workout clothes. This jacket is a good fit and will go great with all my other Zella pieces. 

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Zella Capris, of course….I needed something new to go with my new jacket, all I can say is thank god I bought these when I did, they’re currently sold out. I wish I would’ve purchased a couple more of the Zella capris but they sold out to fast…

 Product Image, click to zoom

I also purchased these Alo sweatpants. I haven’t purchased anything Alo, so I’m not to sure of the fit.. I like to mix it up a little bit, since I pretty much live in work out clothes in the winter.

Another one I’ll have to keep you posted on… 

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Freakin love this sweatshirt,  I ordered my normal size ( cuz that was the only size they had left ) but the reviews say it runs on the smaller side.. It’s on it’s way, so I’m not sure how the fit will be… Hopefully amazing, who doesn’t love a cute camo sweatshirt, Right?

.. Keep ya posted… 

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I purchased a pair of the Liquid Leggings from BP last year and couldn’t bring myself to wear them in public, so I had to return them. I felt they showed every crack and crevice I had.. I’m trying these Spanx Faux Leather Leggings. I mean their Spanx so they should hold everything together… I hope… 

This is another item I’ll have to keep you posted on.. I haven’t received them yet..Hopefully they’re amazing. 

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I can’t wait for Fall just so I can wear this Leopard Scarf!! It’s so cute and will go with anything in my closet, since everything in there is black or brown.. I’m trying to add some color to my life but I keep going back to the browns and blacks…

This is another definite keeper!!

This is it, I guess it could’ve been worse.. There are a few other items I have in my shopping cart that I haven’t pulled the trigger on yet.. That will be another post.. “What I Missed out on The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale”!

XOXO,  Nancy

My Favorite Workout Gear

I wanted to share with you my favorite workout gear. I try to workout pretty regularly, so I need to have a mixture of capri’s and long pants. I  workout at least 3-5 times a week and sometimes more if I can.. Right now I’m kind of injured and haven’t been able to work out quit as much.. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things pretty quick. 

Here’s my first pair of capris I love to wear… Ayayay pronounced eye-eye-eye. I love the detail in these and they’re super comfy. I was able to get them for 50% off which makes them even more comfortable, especially in the pocket book area. 

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 I love the sheer on the side of these Onzie “Tuxedo” capri’s. I bought these at Nordstrom, unfortunately I paid full price for these guys but I didn’t think $64 was too terribly bad for a pair of capri’s.. I’ve paid a lot more for some in the past. 

I LOVE this Spiritual Gangster Tank… I bought this a couple months back when ShopBop was having their Friends and Family 25% off sale. The weather just started getting nice, so I’ve been able to bust it out. 

Sorry I don’t have a link for it but I do know that Nordstrom, ShopBop, Revolve, and Carbon38 carry the brand. 

Let me tell you about these Nike… These are the  ‘Juvenate”, the most comfortable shoes I think I may have ever worn.. I also have them in black. I think I could even get a 3rd pair, but I won’t, at least for now… They are on sale, so I really could get another pair… I also love the fact that I can wear these with denim or shorts, I love that look. 

There are definitely more favorites, but I will save those for another post… 

Thanks for checking out my page…

XOXO, Nancy

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

Here are some of my finds from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale.. 

AG  is one of my favorite brands, I love the fit so whenever I can find them on sale a try to snag a pair.. 

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 I purchased this  Lush blouse in black last year at the Anniversary sale and loved it.. I love it because you can dress it up with heels or you can wear it more casual with a pair of flats.. I normally tuck in the side and leave it a little blousey.. Definitely one of my favorite finds… 

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BP High Neck Swing tank is so cute and the price is amazing.. I saw this in the store before the sale and was going to buy it at full price.  I thought it was so cute and perfect for summer. 

 I definitely have more finds, especially in the Shoe department. I will post those tomorrow.. gotta go put my little one to bed.. 

Hope you enjoy my finds… Happy Shopping!

XOXO, Nancy


Let’s try this again….

Ok, well I’m back at it again… This time I’m really going to focus on my blog to see what I can make of it…I’m not going to lie as much as I’ve wanted to do a blog I’m completely scared to death… I’m not that great with technology and I’ve been trying to do this all on my own. I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to seek any professional help or keep plugging away at it myself.  It can be so confusing and most of the time when I research it, I have no idea what they are talking about..YouTube has been my saving grace so far.. 

I really want my blog to be about my personal style and how you can have designer fashions without having to pay full price for items. In the past when I was young and not so bright with my finances,  I would not think twice about paying full price for a designer pair of jeans, shoes or handbags.  Now that I’m older and maybe a little more mature and have a better handle with my finances, I’m always looking for a deal. If I find something I feel like I have to have and it’s regular price,  I will research it until I can find it on sale. Some items I don’t mind paying full price for if I know it’s a quality item and it will be a staple in my closet for a long time. 

My style is very classic and comfortable! Once in awhile I might throw in an edgier piece but for the most part my wardrobe consists of jeans, T shirt and flats.  I love the look of heels with jeans but my poor feet cannot take the heels for longer than an hour or two (depends on what and where I’m going, if I can sit down most of the time, it could be longer).  All the years of retail I’ve worked have really taken a toll my my feet. 

 Like I said before it will mostly be about my fashion finds but may throw in a few pic’s here and there of my home and family… 

Hope everyone enjoys my blog as much as I do!

Feel free to comment and leave some feedback, I’m always looking for ways to improve! 

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Rodan and Fields Journey


Rodan and Fields

You know once you get to a certain age you really start to take a look at your life and wish you did things when you were younger that would help you when you get older. Taking care of my face would definitely be one of those… I’ve never really been one to wear a lot of make up, so I never really washed my face with anything other than soap and water. What I know now, I sure wish I knew back then!!! 

I’ve always had really good skin, rarely got acne, never had wrinkles… Until now, and I’m kinda freakin out!! I don’t like getting old, especially when you can start to see it in my face with the wrinkles. I tried a lot of different skin care products that I was hoping would help with the wrinkles on my face. Nothing really worked, until I started using Rodan and Fields. I can’t say enough about the product and what it’s done for my face. I started using it a couple months ago and was surprised at what a difference it made in the appearance of my skin. I’m using the Redefine Regimen that’s used for anti aging. They have so many more products for all kinds of skins…. Acne, Sensitive Skine and Blemishes.

Just to give you a little history of Rodan and Fields… They’re the 4th leading skin care product behind Clinique, Estee Lauder and Lancome. They use to sell their products in Nordstrom and were they’re leading skin care line. They decided to pull out of Nordstrom and be part of the world of direct selling.

This is why I decided to become a consultant for them… they have a great product that I can actually stand behind,  I’ve seen the results from using the products.

If you’re interested in trying the product you can email me at or vist my website listed below the pictures.

You have nothing to lose with an amazing return policy, 60 days money back guarantee. 

XOXO, Nancy 

Fave Beauty Products

Nancy's pic's 8-10-15 078

Hair Products

Nioxin – Shampoo 

I have pretty fine thin hair! The joke is, I only have 3 hairs, so I need to do everything I can to make them look like 6…

I love the Nioxin shampoo and conditioner for fine hair. I go back and forth between the one for fine hair and the one for treated hair. I’ve always been pretty picky about my shampoo and have always used Nioxin or Bumble and Bumble. I’ve tried buying less expensive shampoo’s and I don’t really like the way my hair looks after I’ve used them. 

Big Sexy Hair – HairsprayPowder PlayDry Shampoo

I’ve used this hairspray forever!! I like it because I feel it really holds my hair, I need something with a lot of grip and this one works for me. 

The powder play is great for giving volume at your roots. It’s almost like puttin baby powder in your hair every day.  I haven’t found a lot of products that I feel add a lot of volume to my hair but this one does wonders for my hair!  

I’m on the fence about the dry shampoo! This is the first one I’ve tried and I’m not sure I love it. I hate washing my hair every day and have used the baby powder trick. I was looking for something that wouldn’t make my hair look greasy after about 2 days of not washing it. My hair definitely curls better the dirtier it is, I just can’t go too long without washing it. 

The Keratin Plus I just recently purchased at Fred Meyer. I was following another blogger and she used it and liked it, so I wanted to try it. I think I like it but have only used it a couple times. I’m not sure if it makes my hair more limp?? The verdict is still out, so I’ll have to keep you posted on this product. 

Nancy's pic's 8-10-15 079


Essie Nail Polish – Kohl’s

I was always an OPI kinda gal until I discovered Essie! I love Essie nail polish!!! It drys so fast and the color lasts for longer than a day. I’ve recently just discovered the top coat to make the color last even longer. I haven’t tried the top coat that is similiar to having gel nails, but I heard that one was good too. 

My favorite colors of Essie are: Smokin Hot, Merino Cool, Sand Tropez,  A List and of course the Good to Go Top Coat. 

If you haven’t tried Essie, I would strongly suggest it.. You’ll never go back to other brands, I promise!

Nancy's pic's 8-10-15 084

Rodan and Fields

As I am getting older I’ve finally figured out that I can’t go without washing my face any longer. I know, kinda gross but I’ve always had pretty good skin and have never worn face make up. As a kid, I never washed my face with anything other than bar soap. If I only knew what I know now, I woulda started using something other than soap a long time ago. 

  I had a friend who started using Rodan and Fields and loved it.  I decided I would try it after trying  other beauty products that I felt weren’t doing a thing for my face. It took me a minute to decide if I liked it!

I had noticed some unwanted wrinkles under my eye and was looking for a miracle drug to take them away without having to have surgery or fillers.  I was starting to notice my wrinkles getting lighter and lighter. I’m hoping one day they’ll be gone for good. But in the meantime I’m gonna keep using Rodan and Fields!

If you haven’t found anything you like for you face check out Rodan and Fields!  I think you’ll love it!

Nancy's pic's 8-10-15 082

Nu-Me –Curling Wand

Ok, can we talk about this magical wand?? AMAZING!

 We’ve established I have thin hair, I need all the products you can imagine to help make my hair look thicker.  

This Curling Wand does the trick! I started using a curling iron to get more body to my hair. I would take the curling iron and just wrap my hair around it, pretty much the same thing this wand does. 

 I’ve never purchased a wand before because all the ones I’ve seen have been over $100 and thought, no thanks I ‘ll just keep using my curling iron.

It was Christmas in July!! This wand was on sale for only $20, the normal price is $139. I was thinking no way, this can’t be real.. So I looked up the return policy just to be safe and it was legit.. I am the proud owner of a Curling Wand, at the low price of $31 with shipping. 

I just got it a last week and it’s done wonders for my hair. If you don’t have one, I strongly suggest you purchase one. 

Well, that’s the skinny on all my beauty products, hope you enjoyed them!

XO, Nancy


Albuquerque Casual outfits

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White denim shorts – Madewell, Belt – Linea Pelle, Gladiator Sandals – Steve Madden

This was probably one of my favorite out fits all summer!!! 

The shorts are so comfy and I think I’ve worn them a million times this summer. Now I just need to find a pair of white distressed jeans.

 I wish they still had the Tee in stock but unfortunately it’s out of stock! I purchased it at Nordstrom’s in the Savvy Dept, they have other cute Tee’s but just no this one. 

Once I figured out how to tie these gladiator sandals,  I was in love with them. I was going to return them cuz I couldn’t figure out how to tie them without them falling down. Well thank god I figured them out, you have to tie them low on your ankle. 

The belt is also another one of my favorites, I wear it with EVERYHING!!! I might have to buy it in brown!!

nancy's blog pic's 155

This outfit is old school.. I bought the Camo pants at Kohl’s for only $9 and I wear them all the time. I would say I’ve gotten my money’s worth for sure!

The Muscle Tee is Haute Hippe that I purchased last year, on sale of course.. I always try to buy everything on sale, makes it easier to justify all my purchases.. LOL

The booties are from Steve Madden, I fell in love with them when I saw them at Nordstrom’s. I shoulda bought them when I had the chance, I had to search hi and low for them, I finally found them on Amazon. They’re the only heels I can wear that don’t make me feet feel like they’re on fire, that’s what 25 years of retail will do for your feet. 

On the last night of Nationals everyone goes out to party… It’s always so nerve racking when you’re skating, that everyone’s always looking forward to the last night. Some people tend to have more fun than others, and I was definitely one of those people  this year. The next day sucked but well worth it, I had a good time!! 

Thanks for checking out my blog, hope you like it..

XO, Nancy

Gettin my sweat on in Albuquerque

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Muscle Tee – Emi Jay, Capri’s – lulu lemon

Ok, I love this Muscle Tee, I saw Lisa Rinna wearing it on her blog and had to have it.  It’s says ” I told my Therapist about you”.  I linked the website it’s from but they’re not showing it on there. I’m sure once Lisa posted it, it sold out..

I’m really into T’s that have cute sayings on them, especially the Muscle Tee’s. Once the weather starts to change and you can wear more clothes, I love the look of a  Graphic T  under a blazer and a cute pair of booties. 

Of course the capri’s are one of my favorite, I own a few pairs of lulu lemon’s. They’re so flattering on, and so comfy…

nancy's blog pic's 153

Aren’t these the cutest pair of capri’s? They’re also from lulu lemon but I only found them in the store and not online. Our lulu lemon is pretty small, so when you see something you have to snag it right away or you’ll never find it again.

I had a couple more outfits that I wore, but I was so nervous to skate I forgot to take pictures of them.. Opsy! 

 Hope you like my looks!

XO, Nancy 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Thank God the Anniversary Sale ends tomorrow!! I’ve purchased so much, it’s almost like crack, you just can’t get enough….So at least that’s what I’ve been told about crack, never tried the stuff before!!

Here are all the items I purchased on the sale! I hope my husband doesn’t read this blog!

Sam Edelman 'Alaine' Scalloped Topline Flat (Women)

Sam Edelman – Leopard Print Flat

Alternate Product Image 1

Sam Edelman – Pumps

Alternate Product Image 1

Vince Camuto – Flats

Those were just the Shoes…Pretty cute huh? I thought so.. I love the Leopard Pumps, just not too sure I can wear that high of a heel..I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to heels. I would love to be able to wear them, but I just never really have. I think it’s because I’m pretty tall and when I was younger I didn’t want to be any taller, so I always wore flats. I’ve also worked retail for so long my feet are shot… 

On to the clothing, I’ll break it up by Active Wear and Intimates.. Here’s the Active Wear:

Alternate Product Image 1

Nike – Tank Top

Alternate Product Image 3

Zella – Capri’s


Alternate Product Image 1

Zella – Capri’s

I work out a lot, so I’m always looking for something new to wear. I also got the Nike tank top in a bright pink color, but they’re out online. 

The Zella “Inspire” Capri run a little big. I normally wear a medium and got a small. 

Here’s my Intimate items I purchases:

Hanky Panky – Panties

Natori – Bra’s

Natori – Bra’s

I’m super excited about the new bra’s, I haven’t bought a good bra in a long time. Both of these fit great, I’m not sure I would buy them at full price $70, but definitely on sale. A good bra makes all the difference in the world.. 

The Hanky Panky panties are the only ones I wear, they are the most comfortable.

I bought a couple more things that I couldn’t post the pictures of…. 2 Lush Tunic’s in Black and Olive, a little jacket from BP, pair of Vince Camuto pants  and a Michael Kors watch. 

This is probably the most I”ve ever spent on this sale. I just felt like they were such good deals I couldn’t pass them up.

I think that covers everything.. After reading this, seems like more than I thought, hope I’m not getting buyers remorse!! Nope, not at all!!

Better hurry up, you only have 1 more day to purchase the items on sale, then they go back up to regular price.

Happy Shopping!

XO, Nancy

I’m back….

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I’m finally back, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything..Things have been a little crazy around here for the last few weeks…..

 I got promoted with my job, trained and skated  Nationals in Albuquerque, NM, shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and finally got my braces off….and shopped some more!!

I think I posted in a previous blog… I’m an Inline Speed Skater and speed skate competitively. I went to Albuquerque, NM for Nationals  in the middle of July. I was really excited to go since I had been skating super good before I left and had high hopes of doing really well there. Well….. I didn’t do as well as I thought I was going to and was actually pretty disappointed with my overall performance. I had a couple good races… my sister and I won our 2 lady relay, got 2nd in my 2 mix relay  and got 2nd in my 4 mix relay.  My division was the big disappointment, by the way I skated you would’ve never thought I trained at all. I just couldn’t figure out how to skate the floor, I didn’t feel like myself on the floor.  I get to take a couple months off before my season starts again, so I’m going to enjoy my time off!! AND BLOG!!!

Stay tuned for my next post… It’s coming soon!

XO, Nancy